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you can edit this too, wow.

9 June 1989
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i am actually an it. but dont tell mana, it'll kill me for being a better it that it.


you should all know that laury made me do this. what do you mean, you dont know who laury is? omg are you living under a rock?! ...because i am :D.

name : heysupiamallama. i mean... andreea.
age : 8384543753478. i'm almost as old as atsushi (but not even nearly as smexi :( ).
blood type : ask this vampire *points to vampire*
number of legs : 3.
number of eyes : NONE!!! (i have a couple actually but dont tell kozi!!!)
number of heads : 1 and 1/2. srsly.
number of times i fangirl per day : OVER 9000

Journal base coding: refuted

~ PRON ~
alice nine, androgyny, anime, atsushi's bed, atsushi's crueladevil-cigarette, atsushi/imai, atsushi/microphone, being-a-cha-cha-mastah, bishies, buck-tick, capslock, carex with an x, cosplay, death note, ded bebiz, desu., dir en grey, dsjfhsd, ecks dee, eggs, epic-curry-an, etc, g is a gangsta, gackt, gackt the stalker, gay rights, ghey bars, glitter, grandma kozi, grandma közi, haruki murakami, hide, hizaki grace project, hizaki's lobster, hurrrrr, hyde, hyde-is-gackt's-toast-bitch, imai's drugs, imai's potato, j-rock, janne da arc, japan, japanese, jazz, jazzfingers, jrock, jrock stickman porn, juka's-fear-of-long-words, junjou romantica, kami's butterfly, kamijo, kamijo's fingers, kamijo's sword, kamijo/juka, kaya, kaya's tee hee, kaya-tee-hee, kaya/bou, keyboard smash, kozi's eyeball cookies, kozi's eyes, l, laury-is-ghey-for-me, love/hate=otp, making fun of jrockers, malice mizer, mana the banana, mana the it, mana vs hizaki, manga, matt, matt's video games, matt/mello, mello, mello's hate for emo's, mentos, mikami, mikami & mentos, mikami the therapist, miyavi, moar pron, mucc, music, myv's snow/sand cookies, near and his tea, near the queer queen, near's gay bar, ohai, old man pronz, otaku, ouran highschool host club, planet jasmine, plastic teaspoons, plastic tree, please-take-this-love-letter, purple spotted grapefruits, raeping and stalking laury, raito's top, sakujosakujosakujo, shonen-ai, so-where-has-bob-gone, stalking and raeping laury, tatsurou/yukke, teh ghey cell, teh ghey train, teletubbies, teru loves rickrolling, terufax, the gazette, the-swords-of-various-jrockers, toll/camera, toshi's huge chin, turning off the moon, unf unf, visual kei, weapons of mass destruction, will-i-ever-richard, win, world domination, x-japan, yaoi, yoshiki's rice monster, your mum